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January 2016

18-month-old London-based dreamsmith is a division of luxury travel firm cazenove+loyd. Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell, Chairman of dreamsmith says, ‘Vignette is a good word for what we do – some of the things are quite theatrical, but without being too naff,’ he laughs. dreamsmith’s speciality is landmark birthday trips, such as a recent 100-person party in Rajasthan: for this, the firm chartered a Boeing 757 from London. At the airport, check-in was strewn with marigolds while the inflight movie roster skewed towards Bollywood. After arriving on the week-long trip, the group spent their days sightseeing while each evening a different palace or island was the venue for a fantasy party – on Jagmandir Island, for example, one time associate of Cirque du Soleil staged a show of acrobats and magicians. On another trip, this time to Rio, a 40-strong group enjoyed dinner in Santa Teresa during Carnival season, only to find out afterwards that they were being invited to dance with one of the victorious blocos or crews in the winners’ parade at the Samba Drome. Christopher stresses that these fantasy trips are rooted in local customs and traditions, ‘we don’t impose Elton John on a white piano in the middle of a lake on a stage – everything we do is in, and of, the place’.