A celebration – sometimes it’s for a personal achievement, other times for a birthday or an anniversary. Sometimes there is no better reason than simply wanting to treat those important to you to something truly extraordinary. Celebrate somewhere extraordinary with dreamsmith.

Carnival Winners Parade
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

‘Dinner in Santa Teresa was a riotous carnival in itself but then, as a complete surprise, we were given vibrant carnival costumes before joining our fellow ‘dancers’ to process in the actual Rio Carnival Winners Parade in the famous sambadrome. Partly fuelled by cachaça but also surfing on a wave of sheer adrenaline exaggerated by tier upon tier of spectators lining the arena – this truly was the party to end all parties and I still can’t quite believe that something so extraordinary was possible.’

Lunch in The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

‘Our day in the Atlas Mountains was one of the highlights of our 4-day party in Morocco. After trekking through incredible scenery, we rounded a corner to be greeted by a party of drummers and singers ululating in high pitched voices. Bright red carpets and cushions were spread out on the plateau where we enjoyed a magnificent picnic lunch with sensational views of the surrounding mountains… a small spa was also set up for foot massages – particularly welcomed by the more reluctant walkers amongst us!’

Tuk Tuk Racing in
Jaipur, India

‘Our guests came across a fleet of personalised tuk tuks, accompanied by a team of ‘Stigs’ in white helmets wearing white kurta pyjamas giving them a distinctly Indian twist. Their role – to prepare guests for a rickshaw rally through the desert on a carefully constructed race track full of hidden tricks and challenges. Guests took on the corners at full speed, dodged the circuit’s hay-bales and just made it out the other side of the water dip. It is safe to say that the dust was left very much unsettled’.

A private palace in Udaipur, India

‘As we approached the island by boat, dancers and musicians were subtly lit in alcoves at various points in an ornate parapet; it was like a theatre set. By the time all sixty of us had arrived in the main courtyard, the music and drumming had grown in volume and intensity and the dancers made way for acrobats, fire-eaters and jugglers. This was our very own Cirque Du Soleil but very much Mughal in style.’

Barefoot Luxury on
Mustique Island

‘We enjoyed gloriously long lunches in the most idyllic spots, where ice buckets of wine accompanied platters of freshly caught lobster before an afternoon of swimming in the Caribbean Sea. We dined in The Great Room whilst staying at The Cotton House, taken exclusively for our family and friends. dreamsmith made our dreams into reality by opening a door to Mustique that we never thought possible’.

A bespoke tented camp in Kenya, Africa

‘A party for us would never be about pitching a marquee on a lawn… to be able to set up a private tented camp for 40 of our greatest friends in a part of Kenya we have known and loved since we honeymooned there in our twenties was a spoiling and appropriate solution. We had game drives by day and in the evenings we enjoyed magical dinners in the bush with very special wines and food flown in especially.’