Our Heritage

dreamsmith is the dedicated events division of tailor-made travel specialist, cazenove+loyd.
It is a division that has evolved from the celebrations element that has existed within cazenove+loyd for the past decade. dreamsmith is unique in the events world producing spectacular celebrations by applying the same first-hand knowledge used to create tailor-made holidays, capturing the best from our destinations, and combining this with extraordinary creative expertise. As requests for events in our regions increased over the years, we decided to give this aspect of our business an identity of its own - dreamsmith was born.

How we Work

Our unrivalled and up-to-date knowledge is obtained from working daily in our chosen regions and that is why we only produce events in these regions, which is what sets us apart.
We apply this first-hand destination expertise to produce each
one of our events which allows us to deliver truly unique celebrations in a way that
no normal event organiser could even imagine. Every celebration we produce is a reflection
of its location – they are about a sense of place and this combined with our passion
and creativity allows us to produce the most extraordinary celebrations.
Knowledge, access and creativity – that is what makes us different.

Expertise, Knowledge + Trust

Having worked in our regions for over 25 years, we know the right location, who to call upon
and how to create the most extraordinary celebration for you. What we do relies on trust and collaboration - your ideas and our ability to deliver them. We are responsible for every aspect of your event and are with you from the beginning right through till the end – every event created by dreamsmith is extraordinary, stylish and seemingly effortless.

‘Mind blowing, jaw dropping!’

Leaving our clients speechless is something that we've perfected over 25 years.

Our events create magical memories that will last you and the closest to you, a lifetime.


'It is rare that I hand over control, but with you at the helm I was confident that every detail would be attended to with exquisite care. I will never forget all of us in matching djellabas and slippers. My expectations were exceeded in every possible way.'
Party Host, Marrakech 2014.

‘He has always been a bit of a maverick. To come up with the idea of taking 50 of us away for his 50th was at the same time madly generous but also one of the greatest weeks of our lives.’
Guest, 50th birthday, Kenya 2010.


“Clients can rest assured they will be in the most discerning of hands” – FT How to spend It.

“Flamboyantly fabulous custom-made shindigs around the globe” – Tatler Travel.

“The dreamsmith USP is delivering the best of the best and converting the whimsical vision
of a host into an amazing, unforgettable party” – Kensington and Chelsea Magazine.

“The new way to party in style” – BA High Life.


"I had been thinking for some time about how to mark our wedding anniversary in a memorable way. I’m not sure if seeing my father on an elephant in Jaipur or my son playing cricket against the village team on the edge of the Thar Desert gave me more pleasure! Probably the most spectacular night for my wife and mother in law was a dinner on a boat on Lake Pichola and for my daughter, the shops in Jaipur. That is what is great. Everyone had their favourite bit."
Party Host, India 2008.

“As the party progressed, it became clear just how important your contacts on the ground really are. No matter what challenge we threw at you, you instinctively knew how to handle it.”
Party Host, India 2015.